Vastu for Drawing Room: Vastu For Social Association

East: The course that aides raises your social acknowledgment and status in the general public. This bearing is the fundamental crossing point of keeping up associations with your social gatherings, family, and companions.

On the off chance that you are confronting the accompanying issues throughout your life, there can be a negative vitality or unevenness toward this path.

  • No holding or companionship with neighbors
  • Zero or less social acknowledgment
  • Troublesome associations with youngsters, particularly father-child connections
  • Issue having kids
  • Despondent and powerless relations with friends and family
  • Frail insusceptibility of the body: Presence of illnesses like circulatory strain or heart infirmities
  • Government issues, liabilities and clashes with bosses and supervisors
  • Issues with respect to training, knowledge, notoriety and acknowledgments
  • Pitru – Dosha