Vastu for Waste Areas: Vastu For Depression & Detox

West-North-West: The zone of negative vitality. It speaks to gloom, detoxification, discharging of negative vitality, and so forth.

On the off chance that you are confronting the accompanying issues throughout your life, there can be a negative vitality or irregularity toward this path.

  • Negative considerations while working or while deciding
  • Absence of cash and feeble money related status
  • Despondency, tension in wellbeing
  • Inner self outing, obstinacy, farfetched requests from your life and circumstances
  • Give up or dread of disappointment before making any endeavors
  • All activities going waste and carry tears to eyes
  • Deplorable connections and loss of holding among the individuals
  • Loaded with negative contemplations, dread, questions and doubts